Цена на покупку золота за 1 грамм

The company «Golden City» carries out buyback of gold in any form (jewelry, teeth, affinage, scrap). Round the clock are ready to buy from you expensive items made of precious metals, stones. Professional evaluation and high-precision equipment will allow you to get the maximum possible amount.

Where to sell gold profitable?

Contact the company «Golden City», and you will surrender the gold metal at a high price.

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Deal gold profitably — rules

To find out the current price of gold call +7 (999) 020-90-66 or send a message on WhatsApp.

How much can you get?

How much will the item you want to sell be worth? The answer to this question depends on the following important factors:

1. Condition. Is it new or worn, has it been repaired or is it currently in need of repair, is it in need of restoration. Appearance is an important criterion. If the stone has fallen out, the surface is damaged, the lock on the bracelet is broken, etc. — All these factors will lower the price. A perfect condition is a guarantee that you will sell the piece at a high price.

2. Brand. You should buy back items of well-known jewelry brands whose authenticity is confirmed by a certificate at a higher price. If the jewelry is made in a reputable workshop, then it is in demand. The price increases if the item was made more than 50 years ago, and also exists in a single execution.

3. Assay. This indicates the pure metal content in grams per 1 kg of jewelry alloy. The higher it is, the higher the valuation result.

4. Presence of stones. Set of stones is an addition that affects the price of the product. They are evaluated separately. Their type, weight, clarity, shape, cut, treatment and quantity are taken into consideration. Rare stones have a certificate (passport) of authenticity. As a result, the price goes up.

5. Weight. The heavier the weight, the more money you can get. The presence of various inserts is taken into consideration.

What country’s gold do we buy

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